How much lubricating grease is suitable for high-temperature bearings?

2024/04/18 09:55

The high-temperature bearing needs to be replaced and new high-temperature lubricating grease needs to be added. However, this lubricating grease needs to be added just right, whether it's too much or too little won't work. How much does it need to be added specifically?

What is the problem with adding too much lubricating grease to high-temperature bearings?

Adding too much high-temperature lubricating grease can cause damage to the bearings.

(1) Adding too much lubricating grease will increase the friction torque. However, under the same amount, the friction torque of sealed bearings is still greater than that of open bearings. But when the lubricating grease occupies only 30% of the internal space of the bearing, the friction torque will not increase significantly anymore, because the lubricating grease of the open type bearing has been squeezed out, and the sealed type has also leaked almost.

(2) If too much lubricating grease is added, the temperature of the bearing will increase in a straight line. The temperature of sealed bearings is still higher than that of open bearings for the same amount. So, it's best not to exceed half of the internal space of the lubricating grease for sealed rolling bearings.

To ensure normal operation of machinery and equipment, bearings must be properly lubricated to avoid high temperature, humidity, and pollution. With a suitable lubrication and protection plan, it is necessary to regularly check the condition of the bearings so that they can be used for a long time. If the bearings are damaged, the equipment may suddenly shut down, even if it only stops for an hour, it may cause huge production losses.